Walking to Lake Elizabeth

A wet forest walk that is a continuation (an ‘extra’ detailed in the book) of the West Barwon walk. The path is undulating and can be slippery in wet weather, but you will pass through rich forest habitat.

Robins favour this type of forest and you are likely to see at least three different species.

Originally called Slide Lake as befits its origin in the 1950’s – it was formed by a landslide. Later it was renamed Lake Elizabeth. Situated on the Barwon River East Branch, it is nestled in a deep valley and surrounded by wet forest. The track leading to the lake is a little demanding with some steep pinches and it can be slippery in wet weather. Fortunately there are benches strategically placed along the path for those in need of a rest. The scenery is wonderful with dense, wet forest, water courses and then the lake vista. Platypus can often be seen in the lake if you approach quietly.

It is interesting to view the changes over time. I first visited the lake in 1973 and you can see from the old photo that the flooded tree ferns were still alive back then. In the 1970’s there was no graded walk – you basically just followed the river across quite rough and wet terrain to get the the lake. Imagine our surprise when we arrived to find a canoe! Quite a remarkable cruise across the lake was had – that day there were a lot of platypus active – we counted six individuals as we moved around. On a recent visit I was pleased to see two. The photo below was taken in 1973.

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